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 IBIE 2016 ASB Classroom Sessions

08:30 AM - 09:30 AM
October 9, 2016

  • What has been done (elimination of potassium bromate), what is in the process (elimination of ADA, sorbates, propionates), and what is in the future (SSL, aluminates, DATEM, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors).
  • Ingredient solutions: Enzymatic solutions, coupled with fermentation science.  Increasing the functionality of gluten and starch to make these structurally more functional.  Natural mold inhibitors from spices.  
  • Equipment/process solutions: Technology that involves an improvement in hydration, fermentation, and lower stress equipment that reduces the need for more processing aids.  Sanitation procedures that would call for less antimicrobials.  Packaging and storage solutions that will increase shelf life. 


Dr. Lin Carson, CEO, BAKERpedia

After graduating from the Ohio State University in 1994 with a bachelors of science in Food Science and Nutrition, Dr. Lin Carson headed over to the Grain Science Department at Kansas State University, where she focused her graduate curricula on baking, bread and grain product texture.  She graduated from the Department of Grain Science with a master's degree in 1998 and a PhD in 2002.

During her term as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors at ASB, Lin led the launch of the Product Development Competition for the Society.  She is passionate about the commercial baking industry and has mentored many young professionals and women in this industry.

In 2007, she started the R&D program and baking lab at Wendy's New Bakery Company in Ohio.  In 2013, she moved to Portland, OR, to fill the position of Director of Technical Services at Dave's Killer Bread (DKB), where she was in charge of food safety, quality, co-manufacturing and R&D procedures.  In 2014, Lin left DKB to start BAKERpedia to fill this gap.  Today, BAKERpedia is the world's only on-line technical resource and platform for the commercial baking industry.

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