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ANSI Working Groups

ANSI Z50.2 Working Groups

Modifications to the ANSI/ASB/Z50.2 Standard take the input of members of the baking industry.  In 2011, various Working Groups were formed to review scientific portions of the Standard and make recommendations to the Z50.2 Committee on potential revisions.  These Working Group meetings are currently being facilitated by the Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds (BEMA).  BEMA is an international, non-profit trade association representing leading bakery and food equipment manufacturers and suppliers, whose combined efforts in research and development have led to the continual improvement of the baking and food industries. BEMA Project Coordinator, Kelly Wiens, is assisting in the process of managing the Working Groups.  The Working Groups are open to the industry and always looking for additional members.  For more information, contact Kelly Wiens at the BEMA offices 913-338-1300 or via email at  A roster of the current Working Groups is below.

The current Working Groups and their group leaders include:

Materials Handling (Lisa Arato, Zeppelin Systems)
Mixing & Make Up Equipment (Bruce Campbell, AMF)
Proofing & Retarding (Rick Rodarte, Stewart Systems)
Ovens (Phil Domenicucci, AMF)
Cooling & Conveying (Steve Schmid, University of Notre Dame)
Packing (Jim Bonatakis, Formost Fuji)
Cookie, Doughnut, Pie (Mike Gentile, Jr., Moline)
Washing Equipment (Ken Schwenger, Bakery Concepts International)
Miscellaneous (Clay Miller, Burford Corporation)
Robotics (Rick Rodarte, Stewart Systems)
Electrical Controls (Scott Walker, AMF)
Diagrams (Lisa Arato, Zeppelin Systems)
Installation (Bill Grutter, Ashworth Bros.)

To view the complete Working Group's Roster, click here.

Please submit any comments or suggestions to Kelly Wiens at

For more information on joining a working group or to find out the current status of this project, please contact Kelly Wiens at




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