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Product Development Competition: Preliminary Written Proposal


Preliminary Proposals

  1. Only email submissions will be accepted.  Please submit all emails to:  When submitting the preliminary proposal, entrants must include the following information in the same email:

  2. Team members' names and ASB membership numbers in the document provided on ASB's website.  In addition, the name, address, phone number and e-mail address of the team leader to whom all correspondence should be directed must also be provided.

  3. Sponsor companies, donors of goods, services, or money (if applicable)

  4. Name of the school, name of entry, and advisor’s name and contact information

  5. Failure to forward the above information will result in ineligibility.  An acknowledgment email will be sent.

  6. Teams must submit their preliminary proposal in a PDF format by email to the ASB PDC Committee ( by November 13th at 11:59pm CST. Proposals received after November 13th will not be accepted.

  7. The preliminary proposal may not exceed five (5) pages, not including the title page, the page for photographs, and the appendix page for a process flow diagram.

  8. The report must be typed, double-spaced 12-point Garamond font with 1” margins . Must be submitted electronically.

  9. There is no specific required format for the title page (not included in five (5) page limit), though it should include the title of report and date.

  10. Names of sponsor companies, any university, students, or other indication of team location are NOT acceptable on the other five title pages in the report, or on the product picture as these will be seen by the judges.

  11. Include a 5" × 7" color photograph of the proposed product in the preliminary proposal (mounted on a single sheet 8.5 × 11.0" white paper). Additional images throughout the report are optional.

  12. References: All references cited within the proposal will be referred to with a number in or at the end of the sentence in which the reference was used. The list of references (which are not included in the five (5) page limit) must be submitted as a separate PDF document with the preliminary proposal. If a problem arises with reference credibility a judge may contact the Product Development Chair for verification.

  13. A separate cover letter from the Department Head or a professor, verifying originality of work and the team’s compliance with the competition rules is to be submitted as a separate PDF document with the preliminary proposal.

Evaluation of Preliminary Proposals

  1. Scoring will be determined by three (3) judges. Each entry will be scored on a basis of 100 points, with the points to be distributed as shown here:

    Preliminary Proposal Evaluations

    Product Description: 20 points
    Process Description: 20 points
    Technical Problem Solving: 15 points
    Food Safety/Shelf Life: 15 points
    Originality: 10 points
    Literature/trend data: 10 points
    Marketing: 10 points
    TOTAL 100 points

  2. Judges will select a maximum of four (4) finalists.
  3. All competing teams will be informed of only their respective scores and judges' comments. 


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