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Product Development Competition: Overview


General Competition Rules

Entries must consist of a proposal for a new flatbread bakery food product.  For the 2019 competition, the category is “Flatbread.” These products should be a bread made from a flattened dough piece, either chemically or yeast raised, could include different variants of the flatbread category including pizza, naan, tortillas, etc.  Must contain one or more sources of the ancient grains (spelt, Khorasan wheat (Kamut), freekeh, bulgur, farro, einkorn, emmer, millet, barley, teff, oats, sorghum, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and chia.) at great than 15% based on flour weight.  Product must have a shelf life of more than 21 days ambient or longer for frozen product applications with 6 months shelf life.  Judges will be evaluating the potential success of product entries in today's market and technical problem solving skills used in product development. Teams may enter their product in competitions outside of ASB.

In order to control the emphasis and fairness of the competition, the following limitations will be enforced:

  • Competitors must be student teams consisting of no more than four students.
  • Competitors can enter multiple products but separate proposals must be entered for each product.
  • Competitors can participate in multiple years.
  • All written proposals must be e-mailed in .pdf format to PDC Committee ( by the deadline.
  • Judges will not award extra points for the size of sensory panels or source of panelists. The purpose of this rule is to eliminate the possibility of teams earning extra points for their ability to collect more sensory data due to a larger number of team members.
  • Since the focus of this competition is on baking skills in product development, judges will not give points for the quality of package graphics or other advertising material.  However, student teams are encouraged to be creative and encompass modern packaging technology.
  • Penalties for violations will be determined by the judges. Judges will communicate their decision, which will be considered final, in a prompt fashion to both the chair and the team captain at the end of the competition. 


  1. Each student team member must be a registered as a student at the university he or she is representing at the time of the application deadline. Each student on the team must provide a letter from their advisor stating that they are currently enrolled and taking classes. All students entering the competition must be a registered ASB member (student membership is complementary).  For more information regarding membership, please contact
  2. Entries must be a student's original work. Professors may be consulted and referenced, but may not be a major contributor to the actual work.
  3. Industry support such as donation of ingredients or use of equipment is allowed and encouraged, but should not be acknowledged by any team in the preliminary or final proposal, oral presentation, poster presentations, or product tasting sessions.
  4. Projects from product development classes are eligible in the competition.
  5. MS, Ph.D., or summer internship related projects are NOT eligible in the competition.
  6. Each student team should consist of a minimum of two, and up to four team members. Teams will be permitted to give the presentation to the judges if chosen as finalists.
  7. ASB board members and product development competition organizers are not allowed to participate in the competition.
  8. Product introduction/team introduction will be during the opening ceremony by team captain and app voting to commence.


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