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Judging Criteria


Selection of Finalists

The finalists will be selected as follows by the Judges and Product Development Chair:

  • All point scores are converted into rank scores (highest score out of 100=1, second highest score out of 100=2, etc.)
  • Rank scores are totaled for each team (one rank score per judge).
  • The lowest six scores are designated as the finalists.
  • In the event of a tie, the two lowest rank scores will be added for each group and the team with the lowest score will advance. If this fails, the judges will be asked to provide a decision.


  1. Judges will be chosen from industry or academia, with practical product development experience.
  2. Each judge will be asked to serve one term. Judges are not allowed to serve consecutive terms.
  3. Judges are encouraged to evaluate products by point totals, not personal preferences.
  4. Rule breaches should not automatically result in disqualification, but will be left to the judges to decide. Sponsor judges reserve the right to accept or reject the final decision. Any rule breaches should be brought to the attention of the competition chair and judges prior to the finalization of scores (prior to product evaluation). No rule breaches reported after the scores have been finalized will be entertained. 


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