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Product Development Competition: Finalists


Finalists will be announced on December 1.  Responsibilities of finalists include the preparation of the following:

  • Final written proposal
  • Oral presentation
  • Display of their entry for a poster session at the Annual Meeting
  • Samples of their product for the three (3) judges to taste. 

Finalist Evaluation

Final proposals will be scored on a basis of 250 points, distributed as follows:

I. Final Written Proposal: 50 points
II. Oral Presentation: 50 points
III. Poster Presentation: 50 points
IV. Product Sample: 100 points
V. Opening Ceremony Voting: 50 points

Guidelines and the scoring breakdown for these areas are outlined below. 

I. Final Written Proposal

  1. Finalists must submit their final proposal, in PDF format via e-mail, to the ASB PDC Committee ( by February 12th at 11:59 pm CST.  Proposals received after the deadline will be disqualified.
  2. The maximum number of pages for the final written proposal is ten (10). This number DOES include proposal body text, references, process flow diagram, references and appendices. It does NOT include the one (1) title page and the one (1) photograph page.
  3. The report must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Garamond font with 1” margins on white paper. Must be submitted electronically.
  4. The title page, for which there is no specific required format, must include the title of the proposal and date. A list of donors, and other contributors that assisted the team should be listed ONLY on the title page.
  5. Include a 5" × 7" color photograph of the product mounted on a single sheet 8.5” × 11.0" white paper. Additional images throughout the report are optional. 

Areas that may be covered in the final proposal are:

A. Product description/ Evaluation

i. Product description/use
ii. Product formulation and ingredient functionality
iii. Market potential
iv. Competitive framework
v. Sensory/ Consumer tests
vi. Shelf life estimation
vii. Price/cost evaluation
viii. Package selection and basis for selection
ix. Nutrition Label***

B. Process description/ Evaluation

i. Process description and basis for selection
ii. Process flow diagram
iii. Hazard Analysis – Critical Control Points (HACCP)
iv. Process limits
v. Operating cost
vi. Capital investment estimate
vii. Patent status (apply, infringe, license)

C. Food safety/Regulations

i. Food Safety evaluation with respect to formulations, functionality, and
ii. processing
iii. Legal implications of the product (ingredient labeling)
iv. Hazard Analysis – Critical Control Points (HACCP)
v. Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs)
vi. Home use - safety hazard?
vii. State Regulations
viii. Federal Regulations
ix. FDA, USDA, OSHA, EPA, etc. regulations

***NOTE: These are only suggestions. You may include other areas. Remember, thoroughness is important, but originality is highly encouraged! Be sure to cover all areas according to the allotted points below.

1. References should be added at the end of the proposal.

2. The teams' anonymity is no longer required.

Written Proposal Evaluations 50 points total

Product Description 15 points
Originality 10 points
Process Description 10 points
Safety/Shelf Life 5 points
Profitability 5 points
Marketing 5 points

II. Oral Presentations (2)

A) Finalists will present a ten (10) minute oral report followed by a ten (10) minute question/answer period during the ASB Annual Conference BakingTech.  The conference is being held at the Hilton Chicago February 25 - February 27, 2018.  This presentation will be given on Monday, February 26th in the afternoon.  More details will be provided upon arrival to ASB regarding time slots for each team's presentations.

  1. A maximum of two (2) student team members. Additional team members may be present to answer questions.
  2. A PowerPoint computer presentation is required utilizing a template provided by the Committee. The Competition Chair is responsible for bringing/acquiring a laptop computer for competition finals at the meeting. The Chair will provide finalists with details concerning the PowerPoint computer presentation (format, version, file size, etc.)
  3. Expect questions for judges.

Obviously this is not enough time to go over everything included in the written summary, so use the oral presentation as a way to succinctly sell your product’s key attributes.  It will be judged on quality, organization, communication, interest generated, and overall presentation skills.

Oral Presentation Evaluation 50 points 


III. Poster Session Displays

Finalists will also present their product development ideas in a poster session at the Annual Meeting.

  1. The content rules for the written report also apply for the poster display.
  2. A 8 ft. wide by 4ft. high (32 sq. ft. display area) poster board will be available for you to display your product information. The panels can be divided up however a team chooses as long as it fits the allotted poster space (4' high × 8' wide).
  3. Judges will visit booths in a random order determined by the competition Chair. Judges may ask questions to any or all of the team members present during this time period.

Note: Product development teams are not allowed to provide food samples to the general public at the poster session, or at any time during the Annual Meeting. Teams are encouraged to have display samples.

Poster Display Evaluation 50 points

The poster display will be graded on effectiveness of product presentation, neatness and organization. The poster presentation evaluations will be based on the quality of content, organization and ability to communicate, stimulate interest, and sell the product idea to your fellow bakers. 


IV. Product Sampling and Defense

Each team will defend their product concept individually before the panel of judges. During the defense the team will present their product to the judges for tasting.

  1. Twenty (20) minutes will be allotted for each team.
  2. Creative presentation of the product is encouraged.
  3. Be sure to provide enough product for all three (3) judges to sample.
  4. Sample products should be brought to the Annual meeting fully prepared.  Preparation space and/or ovens are not available.  Freezer storage can be arranged.
  5. Teams are solely responsible for their products (delivery, storage) at the Annual Meeting.

Product Sample Evaluation 50 Points 

V. Opening Ceremony Voting

A) Finalists will give a five minute oral presentation at the annual ASB opening ceremony that takes place on Sunday, February 25th.

  1. The whole team may be present on the stage during the five minute presentation, but only one person will be allowed to speak during this time.
  2. This time should be a balance between introducing your school, team members and products.
  3. This initial presentation will not be scored by the judges and will serve as an introduction for the teams and their products.  However, members using the ASB application on their smart phones will be able to vote on the product and team that they believe to be the strongest product and team.
  4. The scoring will e based on the largest percentage received.  I.E. the team with the largest percentage of votes will receive 50 points, 2nd place will receive 40 points, 3rd place will receive 30 points, and 4th place will receive 20 points.

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