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Sustainable Emulsifiers by PALSGAARD


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MarketPlace Table Top #610

Palsgaard is a global leader of emulsifiers and sustainable practices for bakery. We focus on sustainability through our approach to achieving a zero-carbon footprint, and are optimizing operations and water management, energy and the environment, along with the responsible sourcing of ingredients.

Palsgaard produces powder emulsifiers that improve batter stability; mixing time and process; cake volume and crumb texture; shelf life; cost reduction and leaner ingredient lists. Due to our extensive experience, Palsgaard powdered emulsifiers show 2-year stability batch-to-batch, offering higher product quality than other products in the market.

Palsgaard is on track to achieve CO2neutrality in all global production facilities by 2020, being the leader in the Emulsifier industry. CO2-neutrality describes an organization’s efforts to remove as much CO2 from the atmosphere as it puts into it. A zero-carbon footprint is achieved through a three-step process of calculating emissions, reducing them wherever possible, and offsetting any residual emissions. Currently our facilities in Denmark, Netherlands, and Mexico are certified and our facility in Malaysia will be certified in 2020.

Our production optimization includes minimizing the number of by-products along with waste water management. During 2017, Palsgaard achieved a 10% reduction in water consumption per finished product and reduced total waste water by 7.8% per kg of finished product. In our Malaysian production facility, water waste is cleaned to “A” level, above and beyond the local requirements of a “B” standard. 

Sustainable source of energy for production is important. Denmark uses wind power for its facilities, and in Mexico, solar panels are the source of energy to meet our daily requirements - where we have obtained the local “social sustainable corporate” certification. 

Palsgaard has implemented a sustainable sourcing material program. This program includes a supplier code of conduct encompassing 4 different areas: Human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Our raw materials, which are grown all over the planet, follow these principles to address sustainability. Palsgaard uses 100% sustainable RSPO-certified palm oil as MB- or SG-certified. Palsgaard insists on sustainable palm oil as main ingredient for the baking industry, emphasizing working conditions for plantations, environmental policies, and a stringent supplier code of conduct. 

Sustainability is an integral part of Palsgaard’s global goals and we will continue to invest in new technologies and internal education as well as supplying emulsifiers with high technology. 




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