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KVG plus high performance roll line by KOENIG

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MarketPlace Table Top #609

The revolutionary KGV plus roll line offers a sensational hourly output of up to 72,000 pieces per hour in 12-row operation. With this new line, it is possible to produce high-volume products such as hamburgers, hot dogs, donuts or cut rolls at very high quality.

The line consists of the completely new T-Rex AW high performance dough dividing and rounding machine, pre-proofer, forming station and a new belt stamping station for e.g. donuts or bagels.

With specially designed rounding ledges, the T-Rex AW thus achieves the high output of 100 strokes/min. and the dough pieces are gently and smoothly rounded.

With this line, Koenig decreases investment costs since customers can produce a high quantity of products such as hamburgers, hot dogs or donuts with only one line. With a hourly capacity of up to 72,000 pieces per hour, customers can save time and costs. The line is suitable for one-man- operation, thus bakeries can also save personnel costs.

The belt stamping station enables minimized set-up times between products, since the different punching tools can be exchanged without additional tools.

Koenig’s KGV plus high-performance roll line distinguishes itself in terms of product variety, performance and gentle dough handling from all other solutions available on the market.

Other systems offer either high modularity for a wide variety of products or high performance, but often by destroying the dough structure, for example in extruder solutions.

Koenig provides a total solution for products such as hamburgers, hot dogs or donuts, which combine the seemingly irreconcilable and thus enable industrial bakeries to produce their desired rolls with high performance and absolutely gentle dough processing.




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