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Verdad® MP100 by CORBION


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MarketPlace Table Top #605

Corbion's Verdad® MP100 is a combination of vinegar and natural flavor that matches the mold-inhibiting flunctionality and flavor neutrality of calcium propionate, synthetic solution long relied upon by the baking industry to extend the shelf life of bread.  This truly natural, fermented solution functions as a clean-label mold inhibitor that's perfect for commercial packaged breads and excellent replacement for calcium propionate in products requiring 10-20 days of shelf life.

Benefits of Verdad® MP100 

  • Mold-inhibiting functionality
  • Flavor neutrality
  • Allows replacement of chemical preservatives such as calcium propionate without sacrificing shelf life or flavor
  • Natrually derived
  • Meets consumers expections for cleaner labels
  • Improved shelf life
  • Competitively priced

Verdad® MP100 is the result of a proprietary process developed by Corbion to produce high-quality, highly concentrated vinegars that don't impart the intense sourness that usually accompanies elevated acetate content.  While it is not the first clean-label mold inhibitor to reach the market, it is the first to equal the performance of calcium propionate without adversely affecting product flavor.  In sensory testing, panelists preferred breads containing MP100 over 80 percent of the time when compared with competing solutions.  



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