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Chilled Process Water with BHX Technology by AIR MANAGMENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.


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MarketPlace Table Top #204

Air Management Technologies' "Chilled Process Water with Balanced Heat Exchange (BHX) Technology©" provides a constant volume and temperature of chilled water for process batching operations.  

The "Chilled Process Water with Balanced Heath Exchange (BHX) Technology©" provides the following benefites through our patent pending closed system heat exchanger and control design:

  • Maintaining city water pressure greatly reduces electrical pumping energy.  This also reduces cross contamination risk which exists with process heat exchangers.
  • Constant loading reduces peak chiller loading which reduces chiller refrigeration capacity requirements.
  • Flow control allowing 33F to 34F ingredient water without freezing the heat exchanger (existing typically provide 38F to 40F without freezing)
  • No chemicals or sanitation requirements nor exposed to atmosphere water in a "open" system such as a falling film style chiller.
  • Additional energy savings options available through suite of Closed-Loop energy systems harnessing hot and cold thermal process waste streams in bakeries.

The Air Management Technologies' "Balanced Heat Exchange (BHX) Technology©" solves all the performance, energy, sanitation, equipment footprint, environmental, and food safety challenges related to existing ice water chiller technologies in a modular package at existing or reduced capital investment levels.  




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