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2018 Innovation Awardee


ProTrax by INTRALOX, LLCimage003

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MarketPlace Table Top #511

ProTrax™ belting is the first magnetic conveyor belt for pan handling. This unique patented solution maintains pan orientation and prevents pan slipping on radius or straight running inclines, declines, vertical switches, de-lidders, and pan indexers. This belt provides a stable performance with an extraordinary belt life, even in hot, dry, and oily environments.  

The innovative design embeds strong, rare Earth magnets into modular plastic belting. Molded in dark brown nylon for superior high-heat resistance and excellent wear capability, this pan-area conveyor belt provides reliable incline and decline performance in angles of up to 30 degrees. Various issues can be solved with ProTrax due to its configuration customizability through variable magnetic spacing and strand number.

This belt’s modular plastic construction simplifies repairs and replacements while also reducing the risk of contamination often caused by belt edge fray. A smooth plastic belt surface significantly reduces pan wear—a common steel chain side effect—extending pan life and reducing replacement costs. 



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