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2018 Innovation Awardee


Spiral Product Conditioning System by AIR MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.


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MarketPlace Table Top #204

New design of self-contained environmental system engineered for bread cooling applications manages temperature, humidity, and air movement providing consistent conditions.  Food safety is enhanced through air filtration removing greater than 90% of mold spores, and pressurization control preventing contamination from infiltrating the enclosure and landing on unprotected product.  Considering baked products spend more of their time exposed to atmosphere during the cooling process these measures help provide consistent quality product, reduced mold complaints, and less waste.  Food safety and product quality is enhanced by designing systems capable of providing consistent temperatures and reducing environmental contamination not otherwise possible in an open production facility.  Our systems achieve energy savings ranging from 50% to 90% compared to typcial refrigeration systems and frequently cost less to operate than ambient coolers using exhaust fans and make up air.





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