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2017 Innovation Awardee



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MarketPlace Table Top #609

A newly developed heater is the basis for the energy reduction of the new Roto Passat SE and enables energy savings up to 20% compared to its predecessor.

The counterflow heat exchanger is significantly more efficient and improves the heat transfer. The air which flows back out of the baking chamber is heated by the flue gases from the burner chamber and flows back into the baking chamber. The large surface area of the heat exchanger produces a high degree of efficiency.

More features regarding energy efficiency:

  • Utilization and low flue gas temperature
  • Improved outer insulation for low surface temperature
  • Air volume control via electronically adjustable flap enables product-specific use of energy

The rack oven Roto Passat SE is designed for artisanal as well as industrial producers of bread and rolls. The oven can be used for the entire variety of bread products – ranging from rustic bread, buns up to cakes.

The Roto Passat series can be considered well-known and well-established throughout Europe, South America and Africa. In the US market, the new Roto Passat SE is used at a customer in Massachusetts.

When developing the Koenig Roto Passat in the "SE - save energy“ version the main emphasis was on energy efficiency. The oven offers potential savings of up to 20 per cent compared to its predecessor due to a newly developed heater.

The modern design, the superior and long-lasting construction and the simple control unit make it a universal oven that is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

  • Baking surface of up to 140 sqft at only 32.2 sqft floor space
  • Only 57’’ wide for a reduced floor space requirement over conventional designs
  • Can feature 18-20 or 20-22 trays per rack
  • Almost all baking racks can be used through several different baking rack receptions
  • For baking trays in US and Euro standard  
  • Available with a gas or oil burner and as an electric oven

Product variety
The Roto Passat is designed for the complete range of products, from rustic bread and rolls through to cake products. It is also very well suited for semi-baked products. An updated air routing achieves perfectly uniform baking results for all products.

Hygienic design

  • Labyrinth system under the floor rotating table protecting the oven floor against soiling
  • Quick-change re-adjustable door sealing and door-in-door system for easy cleaning of the sight glasses
  • Easily removable ramp, no tools required

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