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Baking Hall of Fame Inductees

The Baking Hall of Fame is an initiative of the American Society of Baking to recognize industry innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Click here to learn more about the Baking Hall of Fame.

View Inductees by Year or Alphabetical by Last Name.

James G. Apple Betty Arnold Dean Arnold
06_WC_Baird BakerPerkins_watercolor 07_WC_Belshaw 12_WC_Boren
Ninnie Baird Baker Perkins Thomas E. Belshaw Adam Boren
Russell Bundy Charles E. Burford Patrick Callaghan Sterrett P. Campbell
Cason_portrait 06_WC_Clark 12_WC_Cohen 15_WC_Deese
George E. Deese
15_WC_Dubois 10_WC_Dwyer 06_WC_Entenmann 08_WC_Fleischmann
Don Dubois M. Rella Dwyer William Entenmann Charles Fleischmann
06_WC_Flowers_Joseph 06_WC_Flowers_William 12_WC_Franz 13_WC_Hayashi
Joseph Flowers William Flowers Joseph Franz Torahiko Hayashi
Dr. Bill Hoover Miles Jones Ron Jones Steve Jones
11_WC_Kelley 11_WC_Klosterman 09_WC_Kuchuris 12_WC_Lanham
William Lanham
09_WC_LeCrone M_Lender_Watercolor 10_WC_Lewis 06_WC_Long
Dale S. Lecrone
06_WC_Lubin 08_WC_Marx 08_WC_Matthaei 08_WC_Meyer
Charles Lubin Victor Marx Charles Matthaei Charles T. Meyer
15_WC_Murphy_K 15_WC_Murphy_P 07_WC_Nafziger 13_WC_Nickles
Kermit Murphy Pete Murphy R.L. Nafziger Ernest Nickels
07_WC_Paterakis 06_WC_Patterson 15_WC_Prince 13_WC_Pulver
John Paterakis C. J. Patterson Gary J. Prince W. Clark Pulver
06_WC_Pyler 08_WC_Rohwedder 06_WC_Rudkin 09_WC_Rumsey
Ernie Pyler Otto Rohwedder Margaret Rudkin Dr. Louys Rumsey
09_WC_Schwebel Joe_Schwebel_Watercolor 07_WC_Servitje_Lorenzo 07_WC_Servitje_Roberto
Dora Schwebel Joseph M. Schwebel Lorenzo Servitje Roberto Servitje
John_Shellenberger_watercolor 14_WC_Shaffer 06_WC_Sosland 06_WC_Stewart
John Shellenberger Donald R. Shaffer Morton Sosland Harold Stewart
06_WC_Thelen 08_WC_Thomas 14_WC_Turano_Eugenio 14_WC_Turano_Giancarlo
Ray Thelen Samuel B. Thomas Eugenio Turano Giancarlo Turano
14_WC_Turano_Mariano 14_WC_Turano_Renato 14_WC_Turano_Umberto 15_WC_Warburton_B
Mariano Turano Renato Turano Umberto Turano Bret Warburton
15_WC_Warburton_J 15_WC_Warburton_R WC-14-Watson-J 11_WC_Weber
Jonathan Warburton Ross Warburton John Watson Alexander Weber




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