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CP_Flowers_FoodsFlowers Foods

1919 Flowers Circle, Thomasville, Georgia, United States

Flowers Foods, headquartered in Thomasville, Ga., since its first bakery was opened by the Flowers family in 1919, is today one of the largest producers of packaged bakery foods in the United States. The company operates more than 40 highly efficient bakeries that produce a wide range of bakery food for retail and foodservice customers in the U.S. The company maintains some of the most efficient and technologically advanced bakeries in the country. Each bakery operates as a separate subsidiary of the company and has its own president, human resources director, and controller. Fresh breads, buns, rolls, snack cakes, and tortillas are available to approximately 80% of the U.S. population through the company's direct-story delivery (DSD) network. This network covers the Northeast, South, southern Midwest, Southwest, and California. Brands include Nature's Own, Whitewheat, Wonder, Cobblestone Bread Co., Tastykake, Mrs. Freshley's and European Bakers.

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Paul Baltzer
Director of Media Relations and HR Communications
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Phone Number: 229-227-2380

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