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Jobs- Cookies United - Research and Development Professional

posted (10/9/2017)

Job Title:
Research and Development Professional

Cookies United,141 Freeman Ave

Experience Level:

Employment Type:

Job Description:
Cookies United, a quality driven cookie company based in Islip, NY is looking to expand our team with a new R&D position.

The R&D practitioner will report directly to the Director of Marketing. The R&D practitioner will be in-charge of all new product development reformulation of existing recipes as well as the related implementation into the production process. The production process, includes mixing, depositing and baking. The R&D practitioner will be responsible for creating and maintaining technical specifications on new and existing products and ingredients.

The R&D practitioner should be a forward-thinking professional who will keep up date on new ingredients and flavor trends relevant to Cookies United.

In addition, the candidate must demonstrate:

Ability to cooperate with other departments including Production, Purchasing, Marketing and Finance.
Must work well with others.
Detailed project management and ability to multi-task.
Strong communication skills.
Knowledge of commercial baking practices and equipment is a must.
Proficiency in Microsoft Excel.

All projects will be assigned by the Director of Marketing.
A project sheet will be created by the Director of Marketing for each project that is assigned.
The project sheet will include: date, scope of the project, expected results for the project and expected completion date.
Updates will be required on a weekly basis.
The Director of Marketing will determine priorities for all projects.

Once a project has been assigned for a new product, the R&D practitioner will develop a trial recipe:
Ingredients must be sourced either in-house or from a third-party vendor.
A sample should be made and then evaluated by marketing.
Subsequent samples (with agreed upon modifications) should be made until the product is deemed approved or abandoned.
When a project is assigned to modify or improve an existing product, the R&D practitioner will develop a trial recipe following the same steps as in (A) above.
Once a project makes it out of trial it will be run in line:
Production time, labor and ingredients must be secured from the Production Manager.
The presence of the R&D practitioner is required for all initial runs that take place using production equipment.

Upon approval of new (or modified) product for production:
R&D practitioner must insure that the Production department knows how to manufacture the product.
The R&D practitioner and Production Manager must sign off that a product is ready for to be released to Production.

Records must be kept for all tests made whether successful or not.
Records must be kept for all shelf life testing.
Specification sheets must be maintained on each active ingredient.
Specification sheets must be maintained on each new ingredient that is brought into the facility.
Approvals for all new ingredients and finished goods must be submitted for Kosher approval.
Raw materials must be submitted prior to bringing into the facility.
Once a new product has been approved the finished product must be submitted prior to beginning production.
The R&D practitioner will be responsible for conducting nutritional analysis, ingredient declarations and allergen statements.
Position available Full time or Part time.

This is a Food Manufacturing Company.

Minimum Requirements:

Additional Requirements:

How to Apply:
Send resume to:

Listing Submitted By:Margie Rodriguez

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