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New Products Delivering Environmental, Social and Financial Impact: A Triple Bottom Line

Most successful new products are developed when they provide a compelling answer to an identified consumer need or challenge.  Sometimes, however, the challenge to be resolved lies elsewhere and the opportunity is to engage consumers with new products that compel them to be a part of the solution.  One example of this is the abundance of coffee cherry pulp and skins generated from green coffee bean production.  Another is the "spent" grains after beer production.  Coffee cherry waste creates enormous environmental challenges in coffee producing countries around the world: contaminating lands and water, emitting methane gases and facilitating insect breeding grounds.  Other upcycled by-products address similar issues facing other industries.  Creating a functional use for the by-product by turning it into functional ingredients like Coffee Cherry dried coffee cherry flour and coarse grain, or ReGrained SuperGrain+ flour can deliver a true triple bottom line including social, environmental and economic impact.  It cleans up the environment, generates new revenue and jobs, supports entrepreneurial business growth and creates innovative ingredients that provide significant taste, nutrition and functional benefits in baking.  This combination delivers the compelling benefits companies need to appeal to key consumer targets seek Better-for-You products that taste good with less guilt, and have prefer brands that can demonstrate they make a difference in the lives of others.  Triple bottom line impact.

Learning Objectives

  • Details on the nutritional and functional benefits of coffee cherry flour and ReGrained SuperGrain+
  • How to use these alternate flours as an impactful ingredient in baking
  • Sharing the economic, social and nutrition benefits with Marketing

Dan Kruzrock, ReGrained
Carole Widmayer, The Coffee Cherry Company

Presentation Time
Monday, February 25, 2019
2:50 pm - 3:30 pm

Breakout 2


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