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Enhancing the Business Value of ERP with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Today's manufacturing companies are becoming more reliant on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to coordinate and control their operational activities.

ERP systems fail to address unaccountable losses.  These losses usually arise from the inability of the system to access and use essential factory floor data in real-time.

ERP systems normally work on preset targets for batches and all their calculations assume that during the process these targets are met - precisely.  There is no real-time data to contradict these assumptions. Reality seldom reflects actual usage which create the problem unaccountable losses.

This negatively impacts cost and product quality.  Manufacturing Execution Systems and Integration Service Software (MES) bridges the gap between the factory floor and ERP.  ERP vendors don't understand the practical issues of key processes such as weighing.  Real time data is essential and integrated MES insure the ability to fine tune operational efficiency.

Learning Objectives

  • ERP Systems Can't Improve Operational Efficiences
  • Integrate Manufacturing Execution Systesm Enable Constant Improvement & Meets Regulatory Requirements
  • MES REduces Cost and Improves Product Consistency

Stuart Hunt, SG Systems

Presentation Time
Monday, February 25, 2019
1:30 pm - 2:05 pm

Breakout 1


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