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Bake in Space - To Boldly Bake Where Nobody Baked Before

The current provisions for food in microgravity are not sustainable for future human space exploration missions to the Moon and especially to Mars.  With the rise of space tourism, food will play an important role.  Astronauts on the International Space Station who spend months in orbit often go long periods of time without eating any fresh produce.  Bake In Space aims to change that by addressing the scientific and technical challenges related to the production of fresh food in space.

The idea is to use bread as a first stepping-stone to providing fresh food that will benefit the wellness and general quality of life of those living and working in space.  Bake in Space has developed a plan to re-create the value chain from growing grain, to harvesting the grain, to creating flour, to mixing it into dough and baking the final bread product.  Each of these steps will require new hardware and food preparation processes to be developed for microgravity and then adapted for Moon and Mars.

Learning Objectives

  • Bake In Space and its objectives
  • The long-term challenges to be addressed
  • The potential for non-space companies to contribute to the future of space exploration

Sebastian Marcu, Bake In Space

Presentation Time
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 @ 2:45 pm - 3:05pm

Closing General Session

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