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BakingTech 2019 Call for Papers



Paper Submission Deadline: Thursday May 3, 2018

Submission Guidelines |  Submission Requirements |  Selection Process  | Paper Topics

Do you have relevant information or experience and wish to present at BakingTech 2019?  We welcome paper submissions for the 2019 program in the below suggested topics.

 2019 suggested TOPICS include but not limited to:

 Future of Baking

  • Future food applications of 3D printing?
  • Best practices for contingency planning (natural disaster, supply interruption)?
  • What does the future hold for sustainability interests/demands by customers?
  • How to use artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiencies?

 Human Resources

  • How to address challenges posed when hiring/retaining employees working non-traditional schedules?
  • How to comply with new labor regulations/challenges (predictive scheduling, absence allowances)?
  • What new labor laws/regulations are coming and how to prepare?
  • Newest workforce time management technologies?
  • How to recruit, train and retain maintenance and engineering employees?
  • Newest trends in effectively managing employees' needs (benefits, onboarding, training)?

 Food Safety/Regulatory Issues/Employee Safety

  • What new food safety regulations do we anticipate coming down the road?
  • How are you dealing with the new FDA Nutritional Facts Label?
  • Latest FSM compliance challenges & best practices?
  • New trends & best practices managing plant safety/employee injuries/work comp?
  • Future for real time food safety diagnostics?

 Research & Development

  • What future products/ingredients will R&D be developing beyond 2020?
  • New/future of analytical testing methods/equipment?
  • Product innovation for online merchandising, how to reach new channels?
  • How to deal with increased speed to market innovation?

 Ingredients/Bakery Products

  • Futuristic/trending ingredients & flavors?
  • Next generation products?
  • Next generation ingredient technologies?
  • Compliant fibers that align with new FDA regulation?
  • How to understand definitions & compliance around GMO, organic, fiber, sugar reduction & sodium reduction?

 Manufacturing/Distribution Technologies

  • What does the future hold for manufacturing technologies?
  • Factors to consider when considering when & how to expand?
  • What are the trending/future distribution technologies?


  • Future trends in social media? How to connect with consumers?
  • Successful methods available to deliver targeted industry digital content?
  • Ways for baking industry to proactively promote consumer confidence & value in the food chain?
  • What consumer channels are trending (online sales, labeling preference ) & how to reach growing segments?

Please make sure you read the submission guidelines and presenter responsibilities before your submission.

Paper Submission Deadline
Papers are due online by 11:59 EDT on May 3, 2018.


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