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BakingTech 2018 Call for Papers




Paper Submission Deadline: Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Submission Guidelines |  Submission Requirements |  Selection Process  | Paper Topics

Do you have relevant information or experience and wish to present at BakingTech 2018?  We welcome paper submissions for the 2018 program in the below suggested topics.

 2018 suggested TOPICS include but not limited to:

 Human Resources

  • How can we recruit, train and retain maintenance and engineering employees?

 Food Safety/Regulatory Issues

  • How do you prioritize issues, resources and action items most effectively for your company?
  • What does the new FDA Nutritional Facts Label (NFL) rule mean for your company - are you ready to comply? 
  • Strategies for success - Is your facility ready for a FSMA audit?

 Ingredients/Bakery Products

  • Challenges to successfully make gluten free products.
  • Are enzymes the future?
  • Insight into FDA rule making process by those on FSMA committee, ingredient solutions?
  • GMO label, Fiber rules, sodium reduction and what else?

 Research & Development

  • What does R&D look like in 2018 and beyond from a product and ingredient perspective?


  • How can industry marketers, educators and suppliers deliver social media content that is perceived as meaningful?
  • Are there more effective methods available to our industry to deliver targeted digital content?
  • How can publishers and content suppliers work together where the frame is the branding but the content is the painting vs. the tendency for it to be the other way around?

 General Sustainability

  • How is climate change affecting our business? Weather changes? Flooding, Tsunamis, effect on crops?
  • Are we letting "regulations" or public sentiment run our businesses and are we losing ground because of it?  (ie. Salt, Sugar, ADA, Bromate, Titanium Dioxide, iodate, calcium carbonate, PHO)
  • From farming to production to consumer, what concerns you the most about sustainability?
  • How are we using artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiencies in bakeries and other food sectors?

Please make sure you read the submission guidelines and presenter responsibilities before your submission.

Paper Submission Deadline
Papers are due online by 11:59 EDT on May 16, 2017.


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