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Taste and Nutrition, the Future of Bakery

Monday, February 27 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Modern Baked goods are often attributed with contributing to the dietary gaps (whole grains, salt, sugar, and empty calories). In Bakery 2.0 the industry tried to address these health concerns but, unfortunately, the resulting products were bland and did not attract consumers.

So are Taste & Nutrition mutually exclusive in the Baked Goods? No! The lessons Bakery 2.0 taught us that even though health consciousness is rising in the consumers’ minds we must also win taste too.

In bakery 3.0, taste and nutrition both get consideration. Technologies such as no calorie sweeteners to control added sugar, enzymes to improve flour quality, texturants to improve mouthfeel, natural flavors to modulate or mask challenging flavors, and sprouting grains to increase the amount and bio-availability of essential vitamins & mineral will help achieve the taste and nutrition customers demand. Bread 3.0 is not all about what can be removed, but fortification technologies can improve vitamin and mineral profiles, which can be powerful tools in helping Americans fill common nutrition gaps. Finally, clean labels that replace technically complicated functional ingredients with kitchen pantry style ingredients can entice customers and will help the taste and nutrition of Bread 3.0 achieve market success!

Overall, this presentation will provide insights as well as examples to help Americans achieve their health and nutrition goals, while also providing them with the great taste they desire.

After this presentation, participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Role of nutrition in health
  • Food ingredients most common in poor health
  • Role of Baked good in health
  • Importance of taste and nutrition
  • Examples of nutrition improvements to baked good that also provide taste

Ryan Smith, Kerry

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