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Sprouted Grains:  Alive & Well

Monday, February 27 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Product makers, ingredients suppliers and food media showed a sudden interest in sprouted grains in early 2015.  Curiosity, interest and demand remain strong through late 2016.  According to one sprouted bread manufacturer "it took 25 years to become an overnight sensation."

What triggered the sudden excitement?  Why are we so intrigued by sprouted grains and other sprouted foods?  Does this trend have the potential for long term success?  Or, is it a passing fad?

This presentation will examine the phenomenon of sprouted grains from two perspectives - science and health, and societal values and emotional needs.  The audience will gain understanding and appreciation for both sides of the story.

Attendees of this presentation will learn about:

  • Marketplace size and sales trends - how big is it? How big will it get?
  • The Garden of Eden and the emotional drivers of interest in sprouted grains
  • The nutrition drivers of interest in sprouted grains
  • Challenges in developing sprouted wheat flours
  • Some tips for baking with sprouted flours

Sumana Bell, Ardent Mills, LLC
David Sheluga, Ardent Mills, LLC


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