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What is the Internet of Things (Iot) and How Can it Help Your Operations?

Monday, February 27 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Internet of Things (IoT) has not only been the latest tech buzz word, it’s been perceived as the next major tech initiative for enterprises.  As popular as it is though, the definitions of IoT are as vast as it’s offerings.  Enterprise IoT is no different, giving operations opportunities to improve workflows and visibility into data they didn’t have before. 

Whether it’s tracking customers’ buying habits to better serve consumers, to adding a $25 sensor to production equipment to better track/reduce maintenance costs. 

BakingTech Attendees need to know, and will walk away, with a better understanding of IoT, it’s flexibility and IoT innovations coming in the near future.  But most importantly how to apply IoT to their operations today!

After this presentation, participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Clear definition of Enterprise Internet of Things
  • How flexible and accessible Enterprise IoT can be to bakeries of any size
  • Examples of real Enterprise IoT innovations and use cases
  • A new mindset to start solving problems or pulling data from their operations that they didn’t know were possible before

Robert Burgh, Nexcor Technologies

Paul Hilton, Zebra Techologies

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