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BakingTech 2017 Call for Papers



Paper Submission Deadline: Monday, May 23, 2016

Submission Guidelines |  Submission Requirements |  Selection Process  | Paper Topics

We can all attest that the world is changing at a very rapid pace.  DIVERSITY can be seen in nearly every aspect of our industry.  This is your opportunity to take part in presenting ideas that can help us thrive in this environment.  The topics below are areas that we feel could teach and better prepare us for the challenges as well as the opportunities that lie ahead! 

Do you have relevant information or experience and wish to present at BakingTech 2017?  We welcome paper submissions for the 2017 program in the below suggested topics.

When submitting your, please identify one of the below main topics as well as one of the associated subtopics/subcategories within the main topic.  

 2017 suggested TOPICS include but not limited to:

Harnessing the Power of Social Media
Social Media is a common yet often overwhelming term for most companies today.  We are looking for ideas and successful case studies on how to effectively harness the power of social media.  From both B2B and B2C perspectives as well as from both large and small business profiles. 

Utilizing Today's Technology
Have you recently invested or researched the potential to move into new technology relating to distribution & logistics, production or maintenance & engineering?   Help strengthen our industry by sharing insight into the latest technology developments in these areas. 

Exploring Alternative Ingredients
Consumers have made it clear that they want to know what’s inside the food they are eating.   What new ingredient developments can help our industry bridge this gap when it comes to shelf life, GMO’s, natural substitutes and others in this category?

Expanding into Non-Traditional Products
Let’s break outside the box and learn from processes and products that are driving growth from the perimeter of the baking industry.  Ethnic and specialty products are on the rise.  How can we become more flexible and adapt to these diversified products?  How can we grow and scale these products? 

Developing Company Cultures
Attracting, retaining and building the next generation of baking industry employees have been in center focus for some time.  How does your company culture affect your ability to thrive in this area?  We would like to dive into the relationship between the two and take a look at successful examples, both inside and outside the baking industry.

Understanding the Standards
An industry full of acronyms definitely needs to look to education to ensure we are all moving towards the same goals.  Between FSMA, BRC and Z50.2/BISSC, there are definitely several areas we can help educate as to what’s involved, what’s new and how it will affect each of our companies.

Training - Best Practices
As one of the central topics that ties us all together, training remains at the top of our discussions.  How can we create more effective methods of training?  What are other industries doing to break the mold in this category? 

Sustainability - Case Studies
Sustainability, or as some refer to as a focus on the triple bottom line, continues to challenge businesses every day.    How have businesses both within the baking industry and outside made progress in finding a successful balance?  How does this impact both the large-scale companies and the startup companies looking to grow? 

Please make sure you read the submission guidelines and presenter responsibilities before your submission.



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