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2015 Innovation Award Winner

Apparatus for Applying Particulate Matter to Substrate (Flour Sifter) by T&T Consulting & EngineeringT_T

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MarketPlace Table Top #818

This product is an improved flour sifting/dusting device on sheeting lines with multiple flour dusters.  The system is a closed loop type system fed from a bulk flour handling silo through a smaller use bin.  System is fully sealed with each duster having its own rotary airlock type feeder with a closed loop aluminum piping same as a larger silo feeds several inline flour scale hoppers with diverter valves, etc.  The sifter has flour level control and each will call from the use bin as the flour level goes below the sensor in the hopper.  No manual feeding the hoppers, no spilling flour on the machinery.  No flour to waste.




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