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2015 Innovation Award Winner

Rapidojet by Bakery Concepts International, LLC


MarketPlace Table Top #300

The Rapidojet hydration and mixing technology works by combining liquids and Minors with free falling powder at extremely high speed.  This leads to a much more homogeneous bond and much less free water.  When Minors and Micros are premixed with ingredient water and injected into flour, dough or batter is formed instantly in fractions of a secon.  Gluten washout is reduced, hydration level is increased and shelf life and volume are improved.  Only 1.5kW hr/ton energy used.

The process can be used in 3 different ways.

  1. To hydrate single ingredients (flour, bran, gluten, grains, etc.)
  2. To make a sponge or biga
  3. Complete dough/batter

Augment or replace conventional mixers.





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