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Unique use of Flavors in Fresh Bakery Products

Tuesday, March 3  11:10 AM - 11:45 AM
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Market trends indicate that, in order to succeed in the marketplace of the future, fresh bakery items must have certain characteristics: Gluten Free, High Fiber, Organic, Ancient Grains, Innovative and Healthy, among many more.

In order to achieve these claims, in many cases, it will be necessary to overcome an inherent problem with taste.  High fiber content in fresh bakery items will result in a bitter taste, low fat lacks flavor punch, ancient grains generally taste bad and the general impression is that "healthy" isn't supposed to taste good.

Flavors can be used to overcome many negative attributes associated with some health claims, including the following:

  • Bitterness can be masked with flavor modulator that is labeled as "natural flavor".
  • Natural smoke components can be used to add a "wood fired" flavor to baked goods.  It can also be used as a natural browning aid for microwaved bread or to add edible letters or logo designs to a baked product.
  • Flavors that are real fruit can be used to accent a baked product as well as qualify for a "made with real fruit" claim.
  • Natural flavors can be added that will give the impression of high fat content, by imparting a richness to baked products without adding calories.

Flavors aren't just for adding sweetness, bitterness or tartness anymore.  They could mean the difference between success and failure of breads of the future.


Ryan Smith, Kerry

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