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Paper Preparation and Guidelines



Submission Guidelines |  Submission Requirements |  Selection Process |  Areas of Interest

Submission Guidelines

  1. All papers must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard time, Thursday, May 15, 2014.  At 12:00 a.m. on May 16, 2014, the paper submission form will be closed.
  2. Papers must be submitted online through the paper submission site.  No fax copies, disks or email submissions will be accepted.
  3. Each presenter may submit multiple papers.
  4. Duplicate papers (reporting the same data) that are submitted under a different title or author will be vetted and will not be considered.
  5. Please note that during the submission process, you will not have an opportunity to save and edit your work.  We recommend you complete your information in Word (or another text format) so that you can edit, spell check and save for your records.  Once you have all the information compiled, you can simply cut and paste to the online form to submit your completed paper.  
  6. Proof your submission carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.  Double-check all sections of your submission.  Your submission will be used in promotional materials and will be printed as is and will not be edited by ASB staff.
  7. All submissions are final.  Once you've submitted your paper, you will not have the opportunity to make changes or edits to the submission.
  8. Do not include industry, trade, or product names in your paper title or content.  Generic terms should be used instead of trade names.  Any trade names will be changed to their generic or component name.  The use of company or product names as a means for promotion/advertising is strictly prohibited.  Please review ASB's commercialism policy by clicking here.
  9. Submitting a paper does not guarantee acceptance for a paper presentation at BakingTech 2015.
  10. Due to the size and time demands of BakingTech, it is not possible to guarantee time for all paper submissions.  Priority will be given to work which is original, concentrates on the BakingTech 2015 areas of interest, and has not been presented or submitted elsewhere.  Final disposition of your paper, should it be accepted, is at the discretion of the ASB BakingTech 2015 Program Committee.


 Submission Requirements - What to know before you submit

  1. All paper submissions will require the following in order to be considered and reviewed by the Program Committee.
    • Contact information for author/presenter (ie. address, phone, email)
    • Title (maximum 10 words) should convey without excessive detail the paper subject matter.
    • Area of Interest
    • Three Learning Objectives
    • Paper Content (should be between 150 to 200 words OR 750 to 1000 characters).  Provide enough details so that the Program Committee can evaluate the potential quality and interest of your presentation at BakingTech 2015.  Click here to see samples.
    • References (if appropriate)
    • Professional Biography (under 150 words or 750 characters)
      Sample Biographies
    • Photo for presenter
  2. Papers cannot contain illustrations, images or graphs.  If the paper is accepted, presenter can include these items in their final presentations.
  3. Author/Presenter will be required to acknowledge that they have reviewed and understand ASB's commercialism policy.  The submission process is not complete until this has been done.  Paper submissions received without the acknowledgement of ASB's commercialism policy will not be considered.
  4. Author/Presenter will be required to acknowledge that they have reviewed and agree with the terms in the ASB's speaker agreement.  The submission is not complete until this has been done.   
  5. Presentations of papers will be limited to 40 minutes (35 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A)
  6. Authors selected to present a paper will be required to submit additional materials for review by the Program Committee.  Additional materials will be a draft PowerPoint (due in December) and final PowerPoint (due in January).  Complete instructions for speaker and paper presentations will be provided upon notification paper's acceptance.


 Selection Process

  1. The deadline to submit a paper is Thursday, May 15.
  2. Upon submitting a paper, you will receive a confirmation for your records.
  3. The BakingTech 2015 Program Committee and staff will review each submission and make presentation selections, and you will be notified via email of the disposition of your abstract by late June 2014.
  4. Acceptance of paper by the Program Committee obligates the author to present the paper and pay the meeting registration fee and all other related meeting expenses.  BakingTech 2015 registration will open in October 2014.
  5. If you wish to withdrawal your submission after having confirmed your acceptance, information ASB in writing immediately to


Contact Information

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