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Oven Waste Heat Recycling & Energy Balancing

Monday, March 2 2:10 PM  - 2:45 PM

Overview of process energy requirements and how sourcing energy by recycling oven waste heat and/or applying other sustainable technologies can deliver a “net zero” energy balance to process supporting systems for commercial bakeries of all sizes.  Some examples of process supporting systems include proofers, retarders, water heating, washers, bagel boilers, mixer and ice water refrigeration, and other processes used in production of most baked product.  Capital cost considerations and environmental benefits will be examined for new construction and retrofit opportunities on implementing this advanced technology without disrupting present cash flow.  Additional geographic challenges in North America and Worldwide applications will be examined in regards to energy cost and availability with effective strategies presented that allow implementation regardless of utilities cost, creating the opportunity to commission your own “free utility” and achieve corporate sustainability objectives.

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • How to meet process energy demands through waste heat management.
  • Systems and technologies available to optimize facility energy balance.
  • Overcoming the cost factor to meet Sustainability and Utilities Waste Reduction objectives.

Scott Houtz, Air Management Technologies

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