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Ingredients, Mixing and Make-Up

Tuesday, March 3 10:30 AM - 11:05 AM
The Baking Line of the Future Today

In recent years there have been advances in various areas of the bakery that if embraced by a single bakery would result in The Bakery of the Future.  These advances include:

  • Ingredient batching and transfer that virtually eliminates ingredient batching as a process variable.  Advances in ingredient formulation and delivery systems can provide a bakery that "dust free" by design.
  • Mixing and dough hydration technology that improves yield and shelf life stability.
  • The output and consistency of dividing and sheeting technology has improved greatly during the past 10-years, doubling in output.  And sheeting technology has expanded into bread and rolls production, producing high speed and efficient makeup lines.
  • Improvements in the design and thermal efficiency of ovens has produced greater bake consistency, resulted in ovens with reduced bake times, and reduced operational costs.
  • "Green" process methods are available that can reduce a bakery's carbon footprint.  There is also a growing awareness of the benefit of marrying the facility and process designs to achieve a bakery that is clean, compliant, and efficient by design.

Using a question and answer format, the panel will explore each of these areas; the application of which culminates in the bakery of the future.  A bakery that has a dust free environment, produces substantially improved yields, has reduced labor and utility costs, achieves improved product consistency, and that meets Good Manufacturing Practices and is Food Safety compliant by design.  A score card will be maintained throughout the discussion that compares the bakery of tomorrow against the process statistics cited in the last two editions of Plyer.    

Ingredient Handling: Presenter TBA from Shick USA
Mixing: Ken Schwenger, Bakery Concepts Inc.
Make-Up: Bruce Campbell, AMF Bakery Systems


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