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Hilton Transition

Curious about ASB's move to the Hilton Chicago for BakingTech 2015?  Wondering where it is, and where you'll eat?  Well look no further that the Hilton Transition page for all your answers!  As the year progresses check back from time to time for additional information on ASB's new BakingTech home.

Frequently Asked Transition Questions?

 Where in the world is the Hilton Chicago?

Only 1.4 miles away from the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile!


ASB looks forward to seeing everyone next March when BakingTech 2015 makes the 5 minute move to the Hilton Chicago at 720 South Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60605.  

 Where to eat when at the Hilton Chicago...

Wondering which restaurants you'll now frequent when ASB moves to the Hilton Chicago for BakingTech 2015?  Well look no further than the South Loop!


BakingTech's new home hosts a number of dining options well within walking distance.  Whether you are looking for a place to grab lunch, a bar/tavern to unwind, or fine dining for those all important business meetings, the South Loop has a place for you and you don't even need to call a cab!  Be sure to visit ASB's South Loop Dining page for a list of restaurants within walking distance of the Hilton Chicago.

 What will the Hilton Chicago cost me and the Society?



 Did you know the following about the Hilton Chicago?

Fun Facts

  • Opened in 1927 as the Stevens Hotel with 3,000 guest rooms.
  • Cost approximately $30 million to construct (more than ten times the cost of Yankee Stadium only a few years earlier).
  • At one time, the Hilton Chicago was the world's largest hotel and had the world's largest ballroom.
  • Currently the Hilton is the third largest hotel in Chicago by number of guest rooms; however, it has the largest total meeting and event space of any hotel in Chicago.
  • Hotel has hosted every president of the United States since it opened in 1927.
  • Hilton Chicago is home to Chicago's largest and most expensive hotel room, The Conrad Hilton Suite.  The suite costs more than $7,000/night.
  • Famous residents & visitors include Al Capone, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and aviator Charles Lindbergh.
  • The Hilton Chicago has been featured in many movies and TV shows including: Little Fockers, The Express, Road to Perdition, Unconditional Love, Love and Action in Chicago, U.S. Marshals, My Best Friend's Wedding, Primal Fear, E.R. (TV series), the Fugitive and The Package.

By The Numbers

  • $150 million renovation
  • 1,544 hotel rooms/450 Business Class rooms/90 Suites
  • 234,000 ft2 of meeting space and 115,000 sq2 of exhibit halls
  • 14 elevators - no waiting
  • 4 bars/restaurants

 Key Hilton staff ASB members will meet and work with when attending BakingTech 2015:
Darnella Harper
Executive Floor Lounge
Years of Service: 27

Darnella Harper has served 27 years of outstanding service and dedication to the Hilton Chicago and their guests.  She worked for 25 year in the Parcel Center and has spent the last 2 years as an Executive Floor Attendant.  In her current position, Darnella serves and encounters some of the most elite guests in the Executive Floor Lounge.  She greets every guest with a warm and welcoming smile, and possesses an amazing personality with every single interaction.  Every day Darnella is recognized by our guests for her uplifting spirit and outstanding levels of service.

Dieter Kiesel
Years of Service: 4

Dieter Kiesel, Bellperson of nearly 4 years, is not only an amazing asset to the Bell Services team but he is also a genuinely caring individual who makes an impact on everyone fortunate enough to come in contact with him.  He is constantly looking out for the best interests of others, ensuring that the Hilton Chicago's guests are well cared for by making a personal connection at check-in which follows through their entire stay.  While not in a concierge position, Dieter makes it a point to provide accurate and detailed knowledge of the city, sharing valuable insider tips on navigating the transit system and excellent recommendations for local eateries and activities.  Each interaction is custom tailored to suit the individual guests' needs and they often return with gratitude for the personalized information that helped them become acquainted with the Windy City!

Margaret O'Brian
Year of Service: 16

Margaret O'Brian, Kitty O'Sheas Bartender, has proven to be a true leader in the food and beverage industry.  With over 16 years under her belt at Kitty O'Sheas Irish Pub at the Hilton Chicago, she continues to be an example of what above and beyond really means.  She is always willing to come in early, stay late, or come in on her days off with a smile on her face and exemplary attitude.  When the Hilton is ready to roll out a new program or product, it is not uncommon to hear the hotel manager mention in the managers meeting "Pair up with Mags to help out" or "Get Mags on that."  With speed and accuracy, Margaret takes full ownership and pride in every task she performs, and the guest can see that spark in her.  The Hilton constantly hear stories about how guests come back to the hotel for conventions/vacation and they immediately go to visit Mags.  She is a comfort to the guests and a valuable asset to the entire company.  The fact is the Hilton could not imagine the hotel without her.

Latonia Booth-Johnson
Sr. Event Manager
Years of Service: 22

Latonia Booth-Johnson is a Senior Event Manager and has worked at the Hilton Chicago for over 20 years.  In her 22 years of service Latonia has worked on the Facilities and Events teams.  Latonia has the gift of making every stranger into a friend.  She has the knack of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome which is definitely put to good use in her position.  As a Sr. Events Manager her clients always feel at ease, earning her much praise on the Hilton's Small and Large Meeting Planning Surveys.  When she has clients in house, she is very dedicated to making sure that their every need is met working early and late, even taking calls in the middle of the night.  This dedication makes every conference a success!

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