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From Smart Phones to Smart Plants

Monday, March 2 2:50 PM - 3:25 PM


The same technology enables smart phones & tablets to connect to everything from airline schedules to the latest movies allows equipment report OEE and call for maintenance.

Most bakeries already have the needed connectivity from equipment to the CMMS and operations reporting.

Many plants have LED displays equipment showing the count.   Why put effort into storing, reporting and displaying this information?  There is great value in improving the plant by trending the data.  For example: if the line produces many SKUs, sort by SKU and look for those with a lower OEE to correct.  If the line produces few SKUs, sort by shift or day to expose possible training or personnel issues.

Predictive maintenance will save plant resources by reducing unneeded work and increase equipment availability.  As companies move away from Preventive (PM) to Predictive (PdM) maintenance, they are seeing benefits.

Equipment “talking” to the plant network can “write” PdM work orders.

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Understand basic Predictive Maintenance Concepts.
  • OEE Concepts, can we do it in house?
  • Can we use our current CMMS?

Robert Burgh, Nexcor Technologies

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