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BakingTech 2015 Call for Papers



Submission Guidelines |  Submission Requirements |  Selection Process  | Areas of Interest

As an industry, we need to ensure our people, our products and our operations are ready for the trends, challenges and expectations that lie ahead.  We can't sit idly by and hope to be prepared; we have to engage the future now to ensure success.

Do you have relevant information or experience and wish to present at BakingTech 2015?  We welcome paper submissions from our members for the 2015 program in the below suggested areas of interest.  

 Areas of interest include but not limited to:

Sustaining the Future
What are the latest technologies or practices that are advancing sustainability goals?  What role are employees playing and what are consumer expectations?

Employing the Future
Do you have insight or best practice information on the latest performance management, talent development, mentoring or continuing education programs?  How can we prepare our workforce for the future?

Products of the Future
What are the latest ingredient solutions or new products that are being developed to meet consumer demands?  What products will gain shelf space in the future (organic, all natural, gluten free, etc.) and how do we develop and market those products?  What opportunities and considerations are there for international distribution?

Manufacturing of the Future
What equipment or process innovations are helping bakers reach their goals of reduced down time, improved product consistency and decreased operational costs?

Management of the Future
What software or technology solutions are available to help bakeries achieve better communications, reporting or overall operations efficiency?  How do bakeries develop a disaster plan that is effective from the production floor to fleet management?

Please make sure you read the submission guidelines and presenter responsibilities before your submission.

Paper Deadline

Papers are due online by 11:59 EDT on May 15, 2014.





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