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BAKER'S DILEMMA: PHO Free Fundamentals to achieve Nutritional Improvement and Functionality

Monday, March 2 2:50 PM - 3:25 PM
Innovative Products

Bakery shortenings are critical components in cookies, cakes, pie crusts, pastries, Danish, croissants, and icings.  Traditional bakery shortenings were prepared utilizing a process known as hydrogenation, which yielded a functional shortening due to the development of elaidic acid.  This item with a melt point of 45C (113°F) served as an intermediate melting item, which functioned to bridge the bakery shortening oil and fat moieties.  The downside is that elaidic acid, commonly referred to as trans-fat, has nutritional negatives.  The primary means for the development of artificial trans fats is via the use of hydrogenation to partially harden an oil, hence the term partial hydrogenation.  Today’s baker is tasked with developing and commercializing bakery items which are balanced relative to nutritional improvement (ie. trans fat and PHO free) and functionality. 

This paper provides a review of PHO Free Options identified as: 

  1. Off shore oil approaches
  2. Interesterified oil blends
  3. Naturally stable / trait enhanced oil supported blends.  

Further, primary research details are presented to support the conclusion that the primary PHO Free Option is applications dependent and is best secured via proactive engagement with your shortening supplier.      


Roger Daniels, Stratas Foods, LLC

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