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The Art of Steam Use in Bread and Roll Ovens

Tuesday, March 3  1:15 PM - 2:05 PM
Manufacturing 2


Bakery customers continue to demand more variety and bakers in turn are looking for ways to provide that variety while differentiating their products.  One technique that provides the baker with the ability to add variety and differentiate their products that is under utilized and frequently not understood is steam.

The use of steam has been more an art than science passed on from baker to baker.  As a result of the consolidation of bakeries and loss of experienced resources the knowledge and "art" have not been passed on to the new, younger and less experienced bakers.  The current teams frequently struggle to have steam work properly.  As the baking community moves forward we don't want this valuable process to be lost, misunderstood or misused.

Important quality considerations for the baker, gloss and cracking are contingent or the ingredients and recipe used combined with effective oven operation balanced with appropriate amount and consistency of steam.

This presentation focuses on a thermal aspect of the baker's process that gets only modest attention - steam.

Learning Objectives

  • Re-establish why steam use and the benefits steam provides.
  • Explain and define the "art" impacting the properties and conditioning for the proper application of steam for effective baking.
  • What to consider when using and installing steam in a bread or roll oven.

Mike Day, Banner - Day

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