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Recent Developments Affecting Baking Oven NOx Emissions

Monday, March 3 1:55 PM - 2:35 PM
Operations 1: Controlling Your Costs

Two norms we have to live with; combustion inherently produces NOx and air quality regulations always seem to grow more stringent. Understanding the coupling of burner technologies and oven performance are keys to developing the best available technology (BAT) for NOx control in the bakery industry.

Environmental standards continue to be ratcheted down and expanded across a broader spectrum of industrial applications. How will that play out from Federal to State regulations across the US. NOx has been regulated in other applications and the book of knowledge related to control is well defined. While proposed regulations may seem unreachable at the moment technology transfer across industries could lessen the impact of change.

Typical bakery oven burners are not the most conducive to the standard methods of NOx reduction via air staging. This leaves us wondering - What alternatives are there to creative methods of staging combustion air? Are there technologies or burners that can be combined to yield a reduction in NOx without a loss of efficiency? How does the industry adapt to these changes to meet the proposed regulations without a significant impact on cost or baking process?

In this paper we will explore some of the available technologies and some experimental technologies that show promise in being able to meet the proposed air quality limits while minimizing the impact on cost and baking process.

Participants will take away an understanding of:

  • National Ambient Air Quality Standards & State Implementation Plans
  • NOx performance in current bakery oven burners
  • New direct gas fired technologies that reduce NOx formation

Chris Vandegrift, Selas Heat Technology Company, LLC

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