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Healthcare: Is Obamacare Causing Intensive Care?

Tuesday, March 4 10:25 AM -11:05 AM
What to Do About Humans

Employers everywhere are moving to comply with "play or pay" mandate rules, and waiting for guidance on the many new reporting obligations they'll have for 2015. Recent regulatory guidance addresses a number of issues tightly linked to an array of practical considerations related to the employer mandate and employers’ future benefits strategy. These issues may prove complex from both an employer compliance and federal agency implementation standpoint.

Key learning objectives:

  • How to identify your “full-time employees” under health reform; the cost of covering them under current and alternative plan designs; the penalties you face if you don’t; and a rational risk/reward analysis regarding those penalties.
  • Strategies to shrink the number of employees who become newly eligible on January 1, 2015, including the use of specific “measurement periods” to gauge full-time status (and when those periods should start and stop), and workforce management or realignment.
  • Coverage options to minimize cost exposure; how to exploit the flexibility around “affordable” and “minimum value” coverage; and the advantages of offering slender “minimum essential coverage” to some workforce elements.

Mark Holloway, Lockton Companies, LLC

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