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BakingTech 2014 Partnership Program

A partnership with ASB offers strategic positioning as an industry leader.

Partnership Deadline

Friday, December 13, 2013BAKINGTECH_14rev_copy

A primary initiative of the ASB Officers and Board of Directors is to increase the number of bakers who are members of ASB and increase their attendance at BakingTech and the MarketPlace.

The Partnership Program is designed to attract new baker members through the creation of BakingTech Scholarships.  The goal is for scholarship recipients to become lifetime members of ASB and dedicated attendees of BakingTech.

We hope that you will decide to help ASB achieve its goal of attacting new baker members and attendees to BakingTech.  If you have any questions concerning the Partnership Program, please contact us at (800) 713-0462 or

Important Partnership Program Information

 Partnership Scholarship Levels

  1. Three Bakers - $5,000
  2. Two Bakers - $3,500
  3. One Baker - $2,000

 Each Scholarship Covers

  • BakingTech Conference Registration
  • ATBI Early Bird Breakfast Registration
  • Room and tax (up to 4 nights) at the Marriott
  • Per Diem

 New Baker Reception

  • Held on Sunday, March 2 from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Only Allied Members who are "Partners" are allowed to attend
  • Attendees include "Partners", Scholarship Receipents and First Time Baker Attendees, as well as the ASB Officers and Board of Directors

 Awarding of Scholarships Will Be Done By Lottery

  1. Applications
    • Baking companies currently involved in ASB will be sent applications for their employees who have never been ASB members and have never attended BakingTech.
    • Applications will also be posted on ASB's LinkedIn and Facebook sites for non-ASB bakers to apply for scholarships.
  2. Selection
    • Scholarship recipients will be randomly selected - 50% from current ASB companies.

 Partnership Benefits

  • Receive contact information for all scholarship receipients prior to BakingTech to facilitate networking
  • Can send company representatives to the New Baker Reception (as per the partnership scholarship levels)
  • Recognition during the New Baker Reception and BakingTech Program
  • Signage/logos at BakingTech
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