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2016 Innovation Award Winner




DirectDrive™ System by Intralox, LLCIloxproc

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MarketPlace Table Top #709

Intralox’s patented DirectDrive™ System engages the belt edge directly with the drum to eliminate overdrive and ensure that the spiral operates with zero slip. This technological breakthrough is engineered to minimize operational and maintenance downtime and to reduce belt tension, labor, and cleaning costs. In conventional friction-driven spiral systems, the central drum rotates slightly faster than the belt. This is known as overdrive. The belt is driven by friction against the central drum, which requires constant controls tweaks and causes some movement of the belt close to the drum that leads to mis-orientation of products on the belt. Also, any variations in friction–e.g. butter–disturb the operation of the spiral. In the DirectDrive System, the belt is directly driven by the drum, which acts like a central sprocket.

Proven advantages for bakeries:

  • Minimizes product orientation issues: DirectDrive minimizes jams, product migration, and complications that affect downstream processes
  • Greater carrying capacity: Due to the unique design, DirectDrive technology can carry heavier product loads.
  • Reduced cleaning costs: Accumulated food residue on the drum does not impact system performance or efficiency. Sanitation manpower and costs are reduced.
  • Dramatically Reduced tension: Enables reduced maintenance while allowing the spiral to carry heavier product loads.
  • Increased belt life: Virtually eliminates inner edge wear from cage bar–belt edge contact
  • Eliminates daily tweaks and changes to the spiral controls

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