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Water Chemistry: How is Your Water Affecting Fermentation?

Tuesday, March 1 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Yeast is a living organism whose byproducts result in the magic of fermentation.  Optimizing yeast activity is vital for maintaining highest quality consistency.  Yeast activity is affected by time, temperature, food source, pH, and environment.  More importantly, a liquid environment!  Water chemistry plays an important role in the function of yeast.  For yeast to thrive it needs to be in a liquid environment that has medium water hardness, neutral pH, and medium alkalinity.  Testing your water on a regular basis will let you know what conditions you have and if there are changes to those conditions throughout the year.  Water test strips provide easy assessments that will give you the necessary general information about your water chemistry.  Based on the water conditions, yeast activity will vary.  Yeast food can provide the necessary supplements to condition the water, provide nutrients, and maintain tolerance through your process.

Participants will take away an understanding of:

  • Know the benefits of fermentation for bakery products
  • Know what conditions are optimal for yeast activity
  • Have an understanding of what is needed to adjust for optimal fermentation.

David Webster, AB Mauri Baking Solutions

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