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Create a Formal, Locally Managed Talent Development Model to Insure the Right Talent, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Tuesday, March 1 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

The technical and leadership skills needed for today's successful bakery manufacturing teams are different than those of the past.  The type of training needed, how to deliver the training, and what level of expertise must be managed to be efffective.  As bakery staffs differ in talent maturity, leadership skills, and technical knowledge, the talent training and development should be locally managed to be sure the gaps are addressed.

It is important that the business and workforce are aligned in order to link the overall business strategy with the expected results directly linked to business priorities.

Important points for consideration will be presented to help the evolution of todays' model in an effort to support the future.  An example of a talent management cycle, connecting business strategy with business results, will be discussed.

Participants will take away:

  • An understanding of how talent management must keep evolving to meet changing demands
  • A method to manage training, by function and level
  • An example of a Human Capital Strategy

Steve Vial, Bimbo Bakeries USA

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