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BakingTech 2010 Highlights

Monday, March 1, 2010

Opening Session and Chairman's Address - John Khoury
Baking Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Annual Business Meeting
Robert A. Fischer Award - Gary Brodsky
Keynote Address - John Foley
Educate & Develop New Talent - Richard Junge
A Case Study on HFCS - Brian Strouts
Consumer Research on HFCS - Marjorie Troxel Hellmer
High Fructose Corn Syrup Q&A - Moderated by Matt Feder
Economic Recovery & Outlook - Dr. Lowell Catlett

Tuesday, March 1, 2010

Research & Development - Dave Buskens The Hidden Traps and Benefits of Expansion - Stu Rosen
Engineering Ramp Up and Project Implementation - Glenn Wright
Bottleneck Analysis - Brian Summ
Waste Heat Recovery - Scott Houtz
Spare Parts Study - Dave Hipenbecker
"Getting the Most Out of Your Bakery" Session Summary Q & A - Steve Berne
Kansas State University Update - Dr. Dirk Maier
IBIE Update - Mike Cornelis
Thermo Technology - Ravi Ramanthan
Sheeting Systems for Bread Products - Jim Bruce
Robotics in the Bakery - Dick Motley
Plastic Packaging Solutions & Sustainability - Ashley Carlson
Energy Reduction in the Bakery - Dan Parke & Rich Valliencourt
Solar Energy in the Bakery - Matt Lugar
Enzyme Technology - Roel Orsel
Fiber Technology - Ody Maningat
All Natural Mold Inhibitors - Jerry Erdmann
Managing Lawfully - Tonja Taylor
Developing Your Strategy - Christine Schoeff
Reinventing Leaders - Christine Schoeff

Wednesday, March 1, 2010

ASB's Town Hall Panel Discussion
- Sustainability Panelists: John Davies and Jim McKeown
- Marketing Panelists: Bruce Axtman and Judi Adams
- Regulatory & Operational Panelists: Dr. David Acheson, Joe Stout, and Robb MacKie


Closing Session
List of Papers 1980 - 2010
List of Technical Bulletins 1975 - 2003
List of Committee Members & Anniversaries 
Bakers Courtesy Club
Attendee List - 2010 

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